“Helping Foster Children Move with Dignity, One Suitcase at a Time!”

State Motto: “By valor and arms”

“Currently Mississippi Children Are Still Carrying Their Belongings In Trashbags.”

Read CJ’s Story – a story from a child that has moved a countless number of times


Number of Children in Foster Care: 3,328

Average Length of Stay in Foster Care: 22.1 mos.

Number of Children Waiting for Adoption: 897

Number of Children Abused or Neglected: 7,002

These numbers are taken from the Children’s Defense Fund reports.

Important Resources:

Mississippi Child Abuse Hotline (toll-free): (800) 222-8000

Local (toll): (601) 359-4991

Mississippi Child Protective Services

OUR GOAL = 4,500 suitcases for Mississippi

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  1. Celine - March 15, 2012

    My dad taught me a lot about how to make it all better for those kids, even at my own little way, when I was young. Now that I’m all grown up I couldn’t wait to fulfill all of it.

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